Raising Brows – and Prices…

#Poonique Product review number 2, Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner and Gel.

Once again this review is based on my personal opinion and experiences using this product.  I won’t be going deep into science and analysis, but I will be honest, be it good or bad.


For those of you who have never seen this product, here it is…


These two products can be bought separately or in a set.  They come in 3 shades – light, medium and dark.

They cost £15 each, or £27 for the set.  Now, before I pass judgement on price, lets talk about their worth.

First, the brow gel.  I had HIGH hopes for this.  I was genuinely excited when I ordered it and couldn’t wait to use it.  Like a lot of women, I like good brows, and I like my brows to stay in place.

This gel was not only meant to do that, it contains fibres to make brows appear fuller and fill in any gaps (apology to my brows for over plucking in the thin brow stage) without looking too “coloured in”.  Sounds amazing right?  Almost too good to be true!


When I got my brow gel and opened it up I was impressed with how small the brush is.  It is tiny.  Which is great for brows, because in theory it means you can be more precise with product placement.  There is nothing worse than a brush that is too big, loaded with too much product, and you end up with gel ruining your painstakingly blended eyeshadow and half way up your forehead.  Not the best look.


So I carefully started to apply it, and sat back to compare after doing one brow.  It didn’t look any different…  So I replace the brush to get more product and give it another go.  Same result.  Confused, I ran the brush across the back of my hand and it was dry and barely leaving any trace behind.  I put the brush in a third time, wiggled it around, trying to swirl it round the sides to mix it up a bit.  I warmed it up in my hands to see if that would help.  Even after all that, I hardly got much from it.  I was so disappointed.


I decided to use the “Love it” guarantee and contacted #Poonique.  They promised to send me a replacement for my “defective” gel straight away.  This was back before they had a distribution centre in the Netherlands, so I had to wait another week or so for it to arrive from America.


When my wait was FINALLY over I rushed to my mirror for take two.  Ripping open the box (yes, one eyebrow gel was sent in a whole big box of it’s own), tearing at the excessive amounts of purple tissue paper and bubblewrap to reach my long-awaited super duper life changing brow gel.

Imagine my disappointment to realise that this one was exactly the same as the last one.  Dry and useless.  I rubbed it on the back of my hand again and just got flakey clumps and a negligible amount of gel.

So I went to my training groups to get other people’s experiences with it but careful not to hint that I wasn’t impressed.  I don’t know why I bothered, predictably the hunbot army came out in force to gush about how AMAAAAAAZING it is.  Ground breaking, even.  Backing away carefully, so as not to draw any more attention to myself, I kept quiet about my own findings.


The brow gel is useless.  I wouldn’t pay £1.50 for it, let alone £15.  Personally I think the fibres cause it to dry out.  The idea is good, but it doesn’t work.  The best part about it is the tiny brush, but it would be nice to have some product to put on with it.


On to the pencil.  It has a spooly at one end, and a retractable pencil at the other.  One thing I noticed when I first used this is how thin the pencil is, which I really liked.  It allows you to use really fine strokes without needing to constantly sharpen it which gives you a more natural look, so you don’t end up with unnatural blocky brows…


I like that it has a built in spooly to brush your brows into shape, and if you are using the pencil alone, brushing them again after using the pencil gives you a softer, less drawn on look.  It is also well pigmented, so you don’t need to use lots.

So far, so good, right?


I loved using this, so imagine my surprised when after just a couple of weeks it was gone.


I ordered myself another one with one of the half price items I had built up, and when I got it I was curious and wound the pencil all the way out.  It was disappointingly short.  For such a long pencil, you actually only get very little in it.  I felt cheated, the plastic packaging is very deceptive.

It seems I am not the only one who thought this, as this is a comment from one of my Facebook followers –

The brow gel is clumpy and too thick and the pencil has hardly any product in it, twist it all the way out and it’s a pathetic amount of product for the money.

So, would I recommend either of these products?  Well I think I have been clear about the gel, but the pencil would also be a no.  It just isn’t worth £15.

After pencil number 2 bit the dust, I hit the internet looking for another brow pencil that was similar and found the NYX Micro Brow Pencil for £8 in Boots.


I would highly recommend this brow pencil.  It did everything I liked about the #Poonique one, at almost half the price, and lasts twice as long (if not longer).  I couldn’t believe my luck at finding something so identical to my “high end” Poonique one in my local Boots! (Bear in mind back then I was still a brainwashed Hunbot, starting to see the light but not quite there yet.)

NYX also do  a clear brow gel, tinted brow gel and brow mascara all £6 each.  I haven’t used them yet, so I am not able to comment, but if you have then please get in touch and let me know what you think.  Similarly, if you have an alternative brow product, then leave me a comment below so we can share the product love.


I will end this review much like the first one, wondering aloud why these products are so grossly overpriced.  I have my thoughts and Elle and I will sharing that with you as soon as we are ready.

As with any review, there will always be people who disagree and that is fine.  We all have our own opinions and experiences that will differ and I celebrate this and each persons own right to voice them, so please share with me in the comments.

If you would like to recommend a review then let me know which product.  If I have used it, I will review it.  Also find me on Facebook and Twitter for more content and help me fight the Anti MLM fight.


8 thoughts on “Raising Brows – and Prices…

  1. Have you tried Wunderbrow? It does what Poonique promises- the fibre gels binds to your own brows and fills them out. £20 and available with Amazon Prime, so no wait at all. A tube lasts for months. It’s quite runny at first, needs to be applied sparsely, but is waterproof and can easily last for 2-3 days before needing to be topped up (unless you use a waterproof makeup remover to take it off). Also comes with a spooly brush. Give me a shout if you want me to show you some pics, I get complimented for my brows a lot and I swear by Wunderbrow (nope, not affiliated in any way, just a huge fan!)


  2. A brow gel with fibers sounds like Essence’s Make Me Brow! It runs me about 3 dollars USD for .12 fl oz or 3.8 ml. I’ve used a tube for a couple months regularly, although I don’t apply makeup every day, and it’s still going! It’s supposed to be a dupe for some Benefit product or other, but it was a lucky find for me. It does help fill in your brows some, and keeps them in place, but the effect is more on the natural side–it’s certainly no pomade! I’ve also tried the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara, and I can’t say I really recommend it. It looks off on my brows, since it adds too much pigment and length. I’ve ended up trying to finish it off as a mascara, since I don’t ask much from my mascaras. It might work for you though!

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