Younique Foundation Collaboration with Elle Beau – The story so far…

My Younique is #Poonique journey started with a very talented writer Elle Beau.  I was reading her blog The Not Quite Fairy-Tales of Elle Beau and it lit a fire beneath me.

We decided to collaborate on a piece about our mutual concerns – The Younique Foundation – Charity or Travesty?  This was my first Anti-MLM article, which Elle kindly hosted.  We looked at what the Younique Foundation (YF) is, what it does and how it is funded.

“Back in October 2016, anti-MLM activists Timeless Vie produced an excellent article on the Younique Foundation called Younique: “raise awareness of sexual abuse” by buying our makeup, y’all.  

However, here we are a year later, and it would seem the huns are refusing to see what is blatantly staring them in the face.  Maz is new blood to the anti-MLM movement, having joined #Poonique in 2015 and leaving long after I had cut my ties.  She has some major concerns about how Younique is truly doing its bit to help abuse victims.”


As soon as we finished this, we knew there would be a follow up piece.  This came very quickly in the shape of The Younique Foundation Follow-Up – I Thought Your Rose Gold Kudos Had Sold Out, Huns? 

Maz Carrah and I have received a lot of positive feedback in respect of our first collaboration, The Younique Foundation – Charity or Travesty?  We have heard from brave sexual abuse survivors, who were also horrified at the hun-conduct they have witnessed regarding the Younique Foundation.

Maz has mulled over some further information she has on this “charity”, and she is getting angrier.  So much so, she has decided to continue the onslaught with a follow-up article.”


This is also available on Elle’s blog.

Part 3 is already in discussion, and we are working tirelessly to research information we have been given to bring you the truth behind the “charity”.

If you have a story to share regarding the YF then we would love to hear from you, and can guarantee total anonymity and respect for your story.

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