Maz Carrah’s Anti-MLM Blog

I am an ex Younique hunbot, looking to help others see the truth behind the veil and shine a light on what really goes on in the world of MLM, particularly Younique.

I was inspired to start writing after reading Elle Beau’s Blog and wrote my first piece as a collaboration with her on The Younique Foundation, which you can read here.  Also, follow Elle and her story on Facebook and Twitter.

I will be writing from my own experiences, and using screenshots from genuine Younique Facebook pages and training groups.  If this prevents just one person from falling into the MLM trap, supports any ex hunbots looking for the light at the end of the tunnel or just helps raise general awareness then it has not all been in vain!

I won’t go into much more detail, you will have to check out my blog posts for that.  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more discussions, pictures and content as I fight the good fight against this cult-like community invading our social media.

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